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Holiday Special

All Limited Editions are enhanced with; "g' Hand" - Hand Embellished Giclee
The New Era Media by Andrie Protsouk (More Info About "g' Hand")

"Happy 2011 New Year"

"Happy New Year"
10 x 10 - Limited Edition on Canvas 300
"Hand Embellish a any  "Wish" or "Year"

"Still life with Nutcracker"

"Still life with Nutcracker"
Size 8 X 17
Limited Edition on canvas 195

"Still life with Nuts"

"Still life with Nuts"
Size 8 x 17
Limited Edition on Canvas 195

"Mistle Toe"

"Mistle Toe"
size 16 X 12
Limited Edition of 300 on canvas
hand embellished

Frost Bite Xmas 2006

Limited Edition on Canvas
16 x 12

All limited editions hand embellished with gold leaf and oil by Andrei

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